Schools in the UK follow the English National Curriculum which is divided into different stages:

Early Years Foundation Stage
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
Key Stage 5

The British School of Tenerife is a private school and thus not required to follow the National Curriculum in all its details.

Primary education starts in Year 1- Key Stage 1 and ends in Year 6- Key Stage 2.

Most pupils begin their secondary education at the age of 11 Key -Stage 3.

At the age of 16 (the end of Key stage 4 and Year 11), all pupils take a series of examinations called the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), usually in about eight to ten subjects, which must include English and Mathematics.

Key Stage 5 is for pupils aged 16-18 (sometimes 19) and most schools take Advanced Level exams after a two-year course.



 (Only necessary for Spanish nationals who have studied in a foreign educational system in Spain):

1)     It is only necessary to convalidate IGCSE /GCSE and A-Levels studies.

2)     Any student leaving the British Education System before Year 11 does not need to convalidate their studies. On transferring to another school the student’s reports will be sent on to their new school.  To progress to the next academic year in their new school, students must have passed the previous academic year in the British educational system.



1)     Have passed the last four years, Years 8,9,10 and 11, in the British educational system.

2)     Have passed the obligatory Spanish subjects which are part of the Spanish curriculum: Spanish Language and Literature and History and Geography.

3)     Pass 4 IGCSE examinations. These examinations are taken at the end of Year 11 and only grades A* to C are recognized for convalidation.



1)     Pass both Year 12 and Year 13.

2)     Have passed 5 IGCSE (one more than the Y11 requirement).

3)     Pass 2 A-Level subjects or 4 AS-Level subjects.

AS Level:  subjects taken in Year 12

A Level:  Subjects taken in Year 13


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The British School of Tenerife provides a high quality British education for children of all ages in an open, multi-cultural environment; allowing each child to achieve their full potential in a positive learning community.

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