At BST we endeavour to promote a caring environment where the feelings and possessions of each individual are respected.

Our behaviour policy aims to promote:
• Self-esteem
• Self-control
• Respect for others, both children and adults
• Good standards of behaviour
• A sense of value of property, both personal and school resources
• Security from aggression

As a school we actively promote the following expectations:
• To be punctual
• To move around the school safely, with consideration for others
• To listen to and follow instructions
• To play in a safe way with consideration for others
• To speak in an appropriate manner
• To speak in English at all times (at the upper school, Spanish may be spoken during break and lunch times.)
• To take pride in ones work and appearance
• To act thoughtfully and with consideration for others
• To respect the property of the school and others

Principles of good behaviour
• To be quiet when the teacher is speaking
• To listen to one another
• To be kind, considerate and try to help others
• To be honest, responsible and polite
• To respect property
• To move around the school safely and sensibly.
• To line up quietly (students in the upper school do not need to line up)
• To enter classrooms sensibly with the correct equipment
• To try one’s best



Sanction 1

Sanction 2

Sanction 3

Misuse of Equipment Class disruption Speaking Spanish

Verbal warning

Lunch detention

After school detention 1 hour. Day to be decided by the Head of Key Stage.

Bus, excursions & sports competitions

Verbal warning

Lunch detention

Banned from next school trip


Verbal warning

3 in a fortnight: Letter home

Continued lateness: Lunch detention and meeting with parents. Report to Social Services if Head Teacher deems necessary.

Use of mobiles

Verbal Warning

Confiscation for 24 hours, if on Friday, until Monday 3p.m.

After school detention, letter home and confiscation 1 week.

Uniform / Appearance

Call parents

Letter home & lunch detention

After school detention 1 hour

Incomplete class work or homework

Stay in breaks to complete

Lunch detention

After school detention 1 hour

Swearing Rudeness to other student To teachers or school staff

Lunch detention Suspension 3 days.

After school detention Expulsion.

After school detention and meeting with parents.




Parent meeting & after school detention (x2)

Parent meeting & suspension

Exclusion / expulsion

Destruction of property

Parent meeting & after school detention (x2)

Parent meeting & suspension

Exclusion / Expulsion

Smoking on school property or in the vicinity of the school

Suspension for 3 days

Suspension for 1 week


Drinking alcohol or drug taking





We recognise that minor and serious misdemeanours will need to be dealt with in different ways. We should always emphasise that it is the behaviour and not the child that is disapproved of.

Sanctions which have been agreed are:

  • verbal warning
  • isolation within classroom to increase pace of work or to ‘cool off’
  • discussion re behaviour with teacher and /or Primary co-ordinator with child
  • reduced or loss of playtime, either sitting out or removal from playground to stay with another teacher or Primary coordinator
  • removal from specific situations
  • informing parents either by homework diary, reading record or face to face if parents collect child, by telephone or by arranging an appointment with parents as soon as possible after the problem has occurred
  • referral to Primary coordinator or Head Teacher. A written record is kept stating the reason the child has been sent to the coordinator
  • suspension from school
  • expulsion from school

The Director of BST reserves the right to change or modify the above sanctions as she sees fit


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