Letter to Primary Parents

19 Apr
Letter to Primary Parents

Dear Parents,


I have spent a few days trying to choose some photos to share with you, too many photos I’m afraid... This is what happens when you travel!!! I want to thank you for all your collaboration, support and help, especially to Maurita Simmonds, Miss Noon, office staff, teachers, parents and of course pupils. For personal reasons I travel to Gambia every year. I was born in England but my roots are in Gambia. At Easter I returned back to Gambia but with a new dream; thanks to all of you I have been able to take school material to a school situated in Fass Chamen and of course, thanks to our friend Lorenzo, from Correcaminos Solidarios for also taking material. This was not only a new dream and something different, it was more than that. I felt so proud to go to this school on behalf of our school The British School of Tenerife.  We are a family, and I can’t feel proud enough to belong to this family.  In this family we do not only teach subjects, we teach values and to become a better person. Thank you ever so much.


Miss Smith (Year 3 teacher)





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