October 2016 Newsletter





All Early Years children have settled into their new classes. We have had 25 new playgroup children who started with us during the month of September and who are now happy and enjoying their new school. Here are some photos to show you what fun we have had in our first half term.







Father Alan from All Saints Church came to talk to the Primary pupils about how important their contributions would be for people in need in the local community. On Friday, 21st the food was collected and a car and a small van were filled with your generous contributions. The church wardens were extremely grateful and commented on how kind our school had been. Thank you as always for your collaboration.





Year 5 were extremely privileged to take part in a visit to the HUC hospital in La Laguna. They were invited by Alba (Year 5E)'s mum who is an ophthalmologist there.

Some children had casts put on their arms (temporarily!), they visited laboratories and the helicopter pad. Alba’s mum said that the children behaved impeccably and that it was an honour to have them.




Seven basketball students from the Bristol Academy of Sport in the UK came to train our Key Stage 2 pupils. As always this is a wonderful experience for both parties and our pupils thoroughly enjoyed it. They definitely "looked up" to the tall basketball students!!






Year 3 pupils have had an exciting time watching the volcanoes they made erupt!

Thank you to Diasnay and her Mum for sending in 23 shoe boxes and resources to make a house for a guinea pig!






Thank you to the School Council and Miss Simmonds for organising a Halloween disco for Years 5 and 6 after school. There was a dance competition won by Héctor, Carlota, Irene, Lucas, Carla and Edelyn and lots of fun was had. The disco raised 251€ to help people in Haiti.





Thank you to students from Year 7,8 and 9 for coming to La Luz on the last day before the holiday to tell their own spooky stories to Key Stage 2 pupils.

In the afternoon children enjoyed Halloween games in the playground.  



The next newsletter will be sent on 22nd December as from now on they will be half termly.


We really hope you have enjoyed our Newsletter!

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