Sports students from England
Student-athletes from various academies in England studying the AASE scheme (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence) came to do fitness and boxing training with our Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) pupils. These students have "the realistic potential to achieve excellence in their sport and are seeking to perform at the highest level as their career goal". It is a wonderful experience for our pupils to work with and learn from such fantastic role models.



Year 3
Year 3 have been learning about where food comes from around the world. They looked at various foods eg French cheese, Portuguese tomatoes, German bread and English chocolate biscuits and located them on a world map.



Time Travelling in 4G
On February 15th 2016, 4G went back in time, with a very special visitor. Miss Gill’s mum, Mary came in to talk to the class about her childhood memories of the Second World War. The children came up with some really interesting questions and were fascinated by Mary’s experiences.
They talked about school, air raids, her father being away in the army, life at home, rations, clothes and toys. The children were amazed to hear how different Mary’s life was, when she was their age.
Later that week, they wrote letters from themselves in 2016 to Mary back in 1944, sympathising with her and reassuring her that the war would end soon, with her father returning home, safe and sound.
We sent the letters to Mary, as a surprise. She was absolutely delighted and really moved. She loved every minute of the time she spent with 4G and Miss Gill says that, whenever they speak now, her mum can’t stop talking about ‘those lovely children’.



Here are some of the questions the children asked:

What did it feel like when your dad came home?

What did you do at home without a TV?
How did you feel when the air raids started?

What were your toys like?
Did you learn and practise what to do in air raids, while you were at school?
What was your dad wearing when he came home?

Did your mum have enough money?
Were your teachers nice?

What did powdered egg taste like? When did you get a TV?


Poetry in Year 1


A Busy Day

Nip in
Nip out
Nip out to Loro Park
Nip round to the cinema
Nip out for a talk
Nip down to the shop
Can't stop
Got to nip?
Got to nip?
Nip where?
Nip where?


By Julia and Oscar


A Busy Day


Pop in to the house
Pop out on the bus
Pop up to the park
Pop round to run
Pop into the tree


By Laila

Carnival and Talent Show
Children had a great time on the last day before half term dressing up and in the afternoon the talent show finalists performed to the school. The winners were a group of boys from 5D who performed a "rap dance" and they won cinema tickets as their prize. David, Tomás, Lucas, Hugo, Hector, Jairo and Eduardo went together to the cinema to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks".




Reception Trip
Reception children went to Pinolere and had a really fun and informative day. They learned about traditional Canarian houses, shops, baskets, games and dances. They all had a go at grinding corn in an old stone mill.



Year 5 Trip
Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the Loro Parque experience! They extended their knowledge relating to their topic "The Rainforest", learning more in depth information about different animal species, their habitats and possible variables to cause extinction. What a fun day, despite getting soaked in the 'Splash Zone!'


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